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Optimize Production Time and Economics.

Save production time, improve safety and get more value from your wellhead with this comprehensive alternative to the conventional wellhead system.

The Q92™ Wellhead System is a logical choice for infield drilling applications. The isolation frac mandrel allows the use of lower working pressure tubing heads, while maintaining a safer work environment during fracturing operations. The system offers end-to-end high-performance engineering through the Q92™ Casing Head, which:

- Eliminates hammer wrenches during nipple up in a confined work space, creating a safer work environment.
- Works with the Quick Lock Drilling Flange (QDF®) to save nipple time.

The Frac Mandrel seals the tubing head from fracturing pressures; its full opening allowing for multi-stage fracs to be done without removal from the wellhead.

Get Smoother Frac Jobs

Slip Casing Hangers and Mandrel Casing Hangers are available to accommodate a variety of applications for the Q92™ product line. But its Frac Mandrel Casing Hangers are especially noteworthy.

This Q92 Frac System allows the operator to frac through our Frac Mandrel Casing

Hanger or Frac Nipple, used with slip suspension, up to 10,000 psi without the tubing head installed. The full bore Frac Adapter allows bridge plugs to pass through for multi-stage frac’s without removal of the Frac Adapter. Service and rental charges are reduced because the Frac Adapter remains on the well throughout the fracturing job. The tubing head is installed after the well has flowed back and is isolated by the use of bridge plugs and or a back pressure valve.

Tubing Heads

The tubing heads are available in two profiles. One is a tapered profile. Tubing heads with threaded bottom ends and LP side outlets are generally furnish with this profile as they are typically used in shallow low pressure fields. The second tubing head option is a straight profile generally used on deeper wells. The tubing heads can be ordered in either profile to meet operator preference.

Tubing Hangers

The tubing hangers are available in two profiles, a tapered W2 profile or a straight TC profile. The W2 profile tubing hangers are more economical than the TC profile and are a good choice for shallow wells. The TC hangers are a better choice for deeper wells as they are less likely to become stuck in the tubing head bowl.

Tubing Head Adapters

Seaboard also offers a  series of tubing head adapters that provide the operator with numerous completion options. These adapters provide for the transition from any wellhead configuration to the Christmas tree for economical fluid production or injection. Adapters are available in materials and trim to meet any well bore environment.

Multi-Stack Tools and Wellheads

Seaboard also offers solutions for multi-stack configurations such as the Q92™ Multi-Stack Wellhead System, a versatile wellhead system that allows for a variety of well completions. Contact your Seaboard representative to learn more.

For more information on the Seaboard Q92 Wellhead System, call 713.644.3535.